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XTERRA’s Jamie Whitmore and the Three Percent Battle

“But here I am celebrating my 32nd birthday after having a spindle cell sarcoma (A nerve tumor with cancer) removed from my pelvic area. Most nerve tumors are benign. In fact only three percent have cancer. Three percent!”

I just finished reading Jamie Whitmore’s latest post on xtri.com detailing updates of her battle against cancer. She just turned 32 this past weekend at the Wildflower Triathlon but is now facing all sorts of complicated medical issues.

No XTERRA racing, no training, and no living life as a professional triathlete for the moment – and yet read her blog post – she is struggling but making it!

I met Jamie Whitmore at Gear West a while back when she was in town for a TYR sponsorship event. She came out to GW to sign autographs and hang out with the Minnesota triathlon crew. I immediately walked over to get a signed poster and she was super friendly chatting us up about her racing, XTERRA, etc. For me it was a nice tri memory and after discussing the night with Aaron (we probably said something like “XTERRA is cool, but not for us”) we went back to our daily lives and she flew back West. Little did we know that months later she’d be sidelined by cancer.

While my triathlon site does not center on my faith – Jamie and I share the same belief in God: that He plans, directs, and works all things for our good. I do pray that God will help her and her husband Courtney as they navigate the hospital treatments (including harvesting eggs so they can have kids) and the personal stress that something like this must bring.

From her jamiewhitmore.com site you can see a video that her big time nemesis of the XTERRA world, Melanie McQuaid, made for her under “Melanie’s Tribute.” There is also a link to her Pastor’s blog which I really enjoyed (he has finished 7 Ironmans, plus Ironman Hawaii!, and lists a bunch of books I like).

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May 7, 2008 at 4:26 pm
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