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USATF 5k MN Championship

So this morning I got out early and rode from our north loop neighborhood, down the River Road, and to Lake Nokomis thru the Parkway (by the way there were people grilling – steaks! burgers! 7:30am! at minnehaha falls). My wife and her sister, her husband, little mazie, and their dog were all going to race. Along with them, the fastest 5kers in the state were going to try to claim the ’07 title of fastest in all of MN at the Brian Kraft Memorial 5k.

It was nice to see that some of our elite triathletes would be represting us towards the front…I saw DKT and Neil Miller warming up, as well as Keller-Miller at the end. It’s always good get out and see some super fast skinnys (short, short shorts, little tanks!) putting it all on the line. As I sat waiting for 15 minutes I thought of how each scene has it’s own rituals. This was the 5k to be at this year, so you saw all sorts of teams, fancy warmups, and game faces. But really it’s no different than at tris where you see the ipods, race wheels, fancy new bikes (sooo many new DAs this year), etc. Anyways one thing I was impressed by is that as I was doing single leg drills on the path on the far side (waiting for chelle to arrive) there was a bearded guy all by himself, very calm, warming up. No teammates, no fancy strides, just jogging along calmly. I didn’t know who he was, and still don’t, but he actually came in third and was mentioned as a member of Team MN. Fancy pre-race looks don’t mean anything…

Congrats to the Thingelstads and to Chelle!

May 28, 2007 at 12:10 pm
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