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Under ten degrees

Listening to Pink Squares…

So I have this plan to build up a series of outside runs one under 10 degrees.  Right now I am at 3 – of course I can’t give out all the details since that would give it all away…but anyways today was 1:45 down East River Road.  It was cold enough that my Garmin 305 froze and got stuck at 1:08.  I put it under my jacket sleeve but it would not respond till I got home.  I think that I’ll have to switch to just using my Polar heart rate monitor (sorry I can’t remember the model number) once I have a set path.  I am in the process of finalizing the 12 week to Ironman Arizona.  I have the St. Paul Winter Carnival Frozen half marathon at the end of January, two Ironman camps with Aaron, and a few simulations.  This is the first time I am attacking a season without a coach so it is really on my shoulders to lay it all out.  Self-coaching has its challenges but it really allows me to schedule key workouts and I think it will work out.  I bounce ideas off of Aaron and take a lot of what I learned from M2, Gordo, and my early years with SCS.  As an age grouper with a life, the “more is more” method does not really fit me, but I do think that I need more time on the bike so I am shooting for an average of 12-16 hours from now till April.  Big weeks will see maybe 20, but that should only be 2 weeks I think.   Tomorrow morning is a 5:30 swim so I need to go to sleep.

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January 16, 2008 at 10:21 pm
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