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Twincities 1 Mile Race

Legs are feeling sore (mostly quads) as yesterday I had a 1 hr 5-6am bike ride on the trainer and then a 1 hr swim (which didn’t go that well as my left rot cuff is still bothering me).  And then it was on to the TC 1 mile race in downtown Minneapolis.   Team swedemala had registered for this event as it was a guaranteed way of getting into the TC 10 miler, though I will be sitting that one out and cheering on as it will be chelle’s longest running event ever.  The past 4 years I have trained for the marathon and am excited about sitting out both TCM (and Lifetime) this year and instead ride around as a spectator….

TC 1 mile review:

May 3rd, 2007  Downtown Minneapolis :  http://www.mtcmarathon.org/

-Weather: could not be more perfect.  Hi 60s I think,  lots of shorts and singlets – a long sleeve would have been too much.

-Course:  To those familiar with mpls – we took off right by MCTC, took a left to run for 2 blocks parallel to Loring Park, then took another left towards Ichiban, and then right on to Nicollet.  You cruise down Nicollet past the happy hour crew at Brit’s and a big crowd at Peavy Park – all cheering (except for some prepster saying “dude, run faster it’s only a mile…).  Then you get to the Newsroom / WCCO block and you can see the finish – but you still have half a block to go to finish right in front of my work – the USBancorp/Piper Jaffray building-with-big-rocks in front of it.  

My race:  I lined up 2 rows from the front, though since this would be my first 1 mile race ever (ran cross-country in High School back in Miami, but never track) I started thinking that might be a bad spot.  I have never started a race this close to the front, but it’s nice to hear the race guy giving you a 5 second countdown.  Bang, we were off and at the 1st quarter mile I hear a guy say: “74.”  Humm I think – 74, 74, oh he means 1:14!  Whoa that is on pace for a 5 minute mile. I know I’m not there right now, no way. So I round Ichiban’s and I’m starting to hurt.  I look at my watch as we go past the YWCA, and then I hear a guy say 4:sumthing…I’m huffing and puffing and don’t remember what he said.  As I get past the Newsroom I can see that 5:30 won’t be happening for me today.  I try to make it under 5:45 but miss by 2 seconds.

Stats:  5:47.   28 out of 92 in M25-9.   123/697 Males.  140/1,390

**from looking at the results it looks like there were 697 males/693 females – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a race that balanced.

TC 1 Miler     May 3, 2007
number of finishers: 1390
number of females: 693
number of males: 697
average time:            00:07:56

I did a quick troll through the results and one result that stood out was Catherine Lee in top 20 for women. I’m pretty sure she’s the same one that does tri’s (last yr kona slot at IMAZ), so if it’s her hats off for being up there.

May 4, 2007 at 5:05 pm
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