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Twin Cities Marathon weekend

Well we got back from picking up chelle’s 10 miler packet and it was good to respond to a surly salesman “well I am not running tomorrow.” It’s fun to get around a bunch of people that are excited about something I love doing knowing that I can just chill out and cheer. Aaron and me have been coming up with ideas for our Konalicous Blitzathon 2007 party to celebrate Ironman World Championships so one of my homework items was to find a pair of ridiculous short running shorts, and oh did I find a pair. They are nice and short, with the American Flag all over them. I think they will go real well with our “a-shirt” iron on shirts that we are making.

Though I have been so focused on this weekend as a traditional race weekend for me for the past few years, it also brings another element now with the passing of my grandmother (“Mamanina”) 2 years ago. While she never saw me race and did not really like sports, I remember sitting in her kitchen eating fresh tortillas off the “comal,” with melted fresh cheese, hearing her stories of walking kilometers and kilometers every day to reach her rural elementary school students. I am not talking about walking to the bus or train. I am talking about rural, hilly, high in the mountains walking through forests and fields. So while she never did a fun-run 5k or marathon, I am know that I am still a few years away for over taking her hundreds of kms of walking…I miss you abuelita!

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October 6, 2007 at 12:30 pm
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