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Triathlon Olympics coming in 180 days

We are at the 180 day mark before the world’s very best short course triathletes battle it out for Gold, Silver, and Bronze glory in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Will I be watching the men’s and women’s race? Is it -30 windhcill in Minneapolis today? YES and YES! The ITU just launched a brand new triathlon site for the olympics so head on over to triathlon.org/olympics to check it out. Of course they always have great video that puts any Ironman to shame, but then again with the recent Falconhead empire being built we might see better coverage soon.
As of now, the general consensus Gold medalists would have to be Javier Gomez from Spain and Vanessa Fernandes from Portual, but then again nothing counts till you come down the last 100 meters for the ultimate prize in sport. It would be very hard to pick any other male – though of course the Canadian’s, along with NZ or Germany might have a strong showing. On the women’s side Fernandes has been nearly unstoppable, though Emma Snowsill can/has beat her, and you cannot discount the multi-year plan that Team Bennett has for Laura. Man I am pumped!

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February 20, 2008 at 11:14 am
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