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Tri One O One Clearlake

Lest we 2 time zones away forget, today is Clearlake 101 and our clear favorite, of course, again, is DKT.  The filed is stacked with 40 pros racing their hearts away.  DKT will be challenged by Jonas Colting (one of the swedish doodes),  Plata, Rappstar, etc – while on the women’s side Cave, Biscay, Ford, and others will make it a fast 101 miles of racing. For live coverage you can do the following:

1) head to slowtwitch (yes, leave the coverage page up all morning and just keep hitting refresh on your browser to see updates).

2) go to the official site which provides live splits/leaderboard.

If you want some pre-race video, go to inside tri and on the right side, under “recent videos,” you can watch an interview with Cave and DKT.

*this race doesn’t start till 7am Cali time, so be patient for another hour…

Just like last race, I will cherry-pick the slowtwitch DKT coverage for us minesoootans.

June 10, 2007 at 7:27 am
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