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Tri California TV

You probably have heard of the true triathlon festival Wildflower, a huge event that even after losing it’s WTC (IM dot/hawaii…) slots has ventured on into a worldwide classic and marked it’s 25th anniversary earlier this year. Beyond it’s prestige, the numbers are staggering:

Capacity # for the events are as follows: Professionals: 100 / Long Course: Individual age group – 3,000
Olympic: Individual age group – 3,500 / Collegiate: 400 / Relay Teams: 200 (i.e. 600) / Mount. Bike: 1,000

This May, Becky Lavelle (ex-Minnesooootan) finally won it on the women’s side, while Bjorn “bike angle so steep that looking at it makes you cringe” Andersson powered his way to his biggest win yet.

One interesting thing though that I did not know about is that tri-california has it’s own little online tv station where you can watch short youtube recaps of the races. Aside from the really lame background music, it’s pretty cool to see concise recaps. I think team swedemala might head that way next spring…

May 31, 2007 at 5:58 pm
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