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Toyota U.S. Open Triathlon – Lifetime Tri Champs

The US Open Triathlon in Dallas today brought to a conclusion the 2007 Lifetime Triathlon Series.  The big winner was obviously Greg Bennett, which managed to win every single race of the series and earn himself almost half a million $ for his efforts this year.  I heard that race favorite Emma Snowsill was sick, as she placed 4th – but it’s great to see swim-like-a-torpedo Sarah Haskins win a big race.  As far as DKT, he had a solid race and finished 9th just behind Craig Walton, with some of the super fast ITU guys setting blistering paces in the 3-7th spots. 

M: 1)  Greg Bennett 1:44:41.  2) Filip Ospaly 1:45:02. 3)Bevan Docherty 1:45:13
F: 1) Sarah Haskins 1:55:45.  2) Julie Dibens 1:57:57. 3)Mirinda Carfrae 1:59:11

On the age group side Cathy Yndestad once again propels herself to contention for triathlete of the year as she wins in a time that would have put here 13th in the pro field.  She has just been on fire all year!  Cathy Lee (13th) and Darcy Franklin (17th) were also a part of the Minnesotan contingent. We only had one male age grouper in Curt Wood, which finished 8th.

F Champ: Cathy Yndestand 2:08:12 now she has Ironman Florida to concentrate on!
M Champ: Daniel Bretscher (24! from IN) 1:51:27, this would place him 11th in pro ranks.
all the results here

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October 14, 2007 at 4:15 pm
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