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Thursday Life Time Triathlon Coverage

Day 1 of Life Time Fitness Triathlon Coverage: The countdown begins

Ok so for me the Life Time Fitness triathlon coverage began today. The majority of the triathletes have arrived in Minneapolis and ready to race. I was able to snag interviews with Emma Snowsill, Greg Bennett and Simon Whitfield together (plus both of the playing basketball), Sarah Haskins, and Craig Alexander or Crowie as everyone calls him. I also met a bunch of the others so hopefully tomorrow will bring more interviews. Riding down the elevator with Hunter Kemper and his wife gave me the chance to meet my first Wheaties Box cover athlete!

I will try to edit at least the first parts of the interviews so at least we have something for now. Below are some random things from the pro briefing:
Random things from Pro Briefing:

-To be eligible for the Series bonus prize you have to start every single race – but they take best 4/5.
-$250k available is the prize purse in Minneapolis, same in Dallas – but if you win all 5 races you get the extra $300k.
-With the help of Toyota there is a solid point system that will be tallied throughout the 5 race series. This tally will be updated along the summer with race leaders, etc.
-$1.4mm in prize money across the whole Series.

-Charlie from USAT reminded everyone about the helmets that are required in the US – to me anecdotally it seems like that is always an important point to remind those triathletes not used to the US rules. He mentioned that a pro at some other race just stuck a US sticker on a non-legal helmet – kind of funny since he mentioned that it is against federal law and comes with $5k fine – yikes!
-they are flying in officials specifically for the pro race – hand picked no less.
-8 motorcycles on course for officials – the point is to stagger behind other athletes or official bikes.

-there were some questions regarding biking, motorcycles or vehicles providing draft advantage for the lead…I think some guys are in the “no lead vehicle” camp so that there is no advantage whatsoever. I land in the “lead vehicle at least 1 block (100meters) ahead since that way it guides the first athlete without worrying about directions, while if they are carrying press it obviously gives our sport more visibility.

-they get to pick swim positions based on last years performance. Unfortunately I forgot to get a picture post-picking.

Full Picassa Photo album of today’s coverage here.

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July 10, 2008 at 7:07 pm
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