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The Wind Tried to Crush Me – more Ironman Arizona

I need to do a better job of keeping up with my Ironman Arizona blog entries since maybe I’ve been putting more into video. As a recap, last night I was to do my long run, which I have switched from Sunday to Wednesdays so I can focus on the bike during the weekend. I ran 3.3 miles before work and then came home aroun 4:45 to run outside. My proposed workout was going to be 5 mins at 9s, 25 mins at 8:30s, 1:15 at 8s, and the last half hour descending down to 7:30s. It was around 15 degrees when I left and it as the first time in 2 weeks that I could run outside. My proposed plan was blown to pieces half an hour into it when the icy and bad lit paths, as well as the cold wind off the Mississippi got to me. I was cold and there wan’t much I could do. I did turn around right before Lake Street and made my way back on East River Road (part of the TwinCities Marathon and the Lifetime Triathlon courses) and made it home. It was hard, it was cold, and it did not go as planned…but as I ran past the Federal Reserve on West River Road and knew I only had 1/2 mile to go I took off sprinting.

What do I think about after 2 hours of being beat up by elements? Two things popped up – one is that the elements at Ironman Arizona will not be as bad so I think about running the last mile, minutes away from seeing Chelle again and earning an Ironman medal. The second is I think about what it will take this summer to go from third to second or first in my age group at some of the local races here in Minnesota. And then I don’t notice the wind or the fact that my nose is chapped (northeners understand that one, southerners not so much), or that my fuel belt bottle is no longer liquid but icy sludge.

Winter made one of it’s most valiant attacks on me and it was even’t under 5 degrees, but I survived. One more suffered battle takes me one step closer to the finisher’s mat in Arizona.

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February 28, 2008 at 3:00 pm
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