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The Nail Lid Rap by Benny Bling 2k

So I had a little post about my nail lid the other day that came from an email I sent to all my boys – well BB2k with his musical skills came up with a rap totally on his own. Here it is in all it’s glory:

“Hector, some rap music for you:

Like blue cops who pop brown tops,
Be a brave kiiiidd
Rip dat liiiidddd.
Get out da camera
Make a YouTube viiiiddd.

Yo’ white wife says,
“Whaz dat smail?”
Papa Hector says, “Girl,
it’s my lid top nail!”

Rip dat Liiiddd, Rip dat Liiddd
Pop dat Top, and den Rip dat Liddd!
All da kidz, makin’ YouTube vidz
Pop dat Top and den Rip dat Liiiddd!

All deez Banka’s is Tri-affaletes,
Wearin’ tight shorts and bika’ cleats,
Disruptin’ my flow out on da streets,
They make mo’ cash than Rodney Peete,
But ya’ take off they shoes
And they got stank-butt feet!

So…Rip dat Liddd… (ch)

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May 8, 2008 at 11:07 am
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