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The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Nation’s Triathlon

Team In Training keeps growing and now they are teaming up with the Nation’s Triathlon to become the first race explicitly branded to fight blood cancers. For the FULL PRESS RELEASE GO to the LLS.org site, but here are the tri-centered tidbits:
-TNT has raised $850mm since 1988 while training 360,000 people in endurance events
-Projected to raise $3.3mm at the Sept. 14, 2008 Nation’s Triathlon
-TNT trained more than 5,800 triathletes in 2007
-Nation’s Triathlon, launched two years ago, has grown significantly as well, from nearly 500 participants in its first year to a projected 3,500 participants this year. Set amid Washington, DC’s magnificent vistas and plentiful parkland, the race can continue to grow, with the support of TNT, to become the largest triathlon in the world.

Ok this last one is big in that it might start to rival Chicago and Roth. Those two have battled it out in trying to bill themselves as the largest so it will be really interesting to see if TNT suddenly makes the D.C. race a marquee event with hundreds of athletes flying in for that race. Yes Chicago is closer to 8,500 – but the TNT bug keeps growing…

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February 19, 2008 at 2:33 pm
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