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The 35W bridge collapased over my favorite running path

So the 35W collapse over the River just happened at 6:05 tonight. I had finished swimming a 5×500 set and was going to go running down by the river. But since I was at the Y and I always go down by the river I decided to head towards Loring Park and the Lakes. Once I got back from my 5:30-6:30pm run all the Y tvs were set to the bridge news – completely crazy. I thank God I did not go running down the river (which seriously comprises 90% of my outdoor running and 75% of all the running I do) because the path runs right under the bridge. I took my bike down there and while the media is reporting 6 dead I can’t see how it won’t be more because there were so many cars crushed/sunk/etc in the water.

Here is the slowtwitch thread on this tragedy.

August 1, 2007 at 8:59 pm
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