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So this morning the original swim team got back together. A few months ago, Marie and the members of team swedemala decided to start swimming together twice a week. It was a brilliant idea and in year past I tended to slack off in the winter and concentrate on running which is my favorite sport – but that inevitably put me at a disadvantage in the spring. Back in February though, 1/5 of the group had to take off for a few months because of the arrival of a handsome new baby boy into this world. Team swedemala kept rolling along swimming, but today we were finally all back together. If you swim by yourself (as I did for a few years), then kudos to you and there are reasons to go at it alone (I do once a week). We normally go twice a week right when the YMCA opens at 5:30am. It’s early, but it makes the day go much better…

The benefits are clear – swimming (working out) with your spouse/small group of
friends gives you the benefits of:

  • positive peer pressure towards something productive
  • responsibility with sleep the night before
  • chance to encourage others as you all get fitter over time
  • try new goggles (hrm, gear) without buying them
  • share friendly tips in a non-competitive situation

So get out there and start your own little tri team!

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June 1, 2007 at 8:43 pm
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