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Teamwork again

I keep getting reminded of how important it is to have a group to rely on – when I first started in tris I learned a bunch through team in training and triendurance and things have progressed from there. In the past few days Aaron sent me an article on nutrition that I had questions on, chelle and me did a lifetime tri simulation for her at nokomis, and my bro in law denny advised me on a new computer (that will make 3D computrainer a reality since my mac/parallels doesn’t support it).

If you are getting serious about tris I think it is imperative to build a network of resources to tap into – specially since it is not only 1 discipline, but 3 – but also because it is the combination of all 3 in one event that makes training, nutrition, gear, etc so important. Sure you can get swimming advice from usaswim, running from usatf and cycling from usa cycling…but you can’t just stack those together and hope for the best. While trinewbies/trifuel etc can help, at some point it is nice to have a local group you can depend on. Now if uyo live far out or schedules are hard to coordinate (as mine usually is a lot of the time) then you have to rely on the good ol’ interneto. I hope to add more and more online resources – but don’t ignore the forums that can help you. Some people subscribe to the “everything on the internet is garbage” or the “I know better than random people posting online since my book said X”. Yes, if you are at the Colorado Olympic center training full time then sure, turn your computer off and have a free gourmet meal and massage. But for the rest of us, we have to get resources any way we can. I have used online info to research computrainer/aero helmet/IM moo tips/ coaches/cranks /chains /garmin 305 in just the past few months. While you have to keep your filters on, most of the time you will get decent info that will make you a more informed consumer/triathlete. Google on!

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July 11, 2007 at 6:32 pm
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