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Teamwork #2

Ok so funny thing is that after writing about teamwork, my wife’s whole family went on the Annual Olson Vacation trip, with this year’s site being the Lundeen cabin north of Brainerd. Saturday am was going to be a bike ride with my bro-in-law Denny, but it was raining out so I decided to join my sis-in-law Tammy for an 1.5 hr run that was part of her marathon training plan. We are 305 pals (garmin gps) and had to make the most of it with rain jackets on and wet shoes. We ended up going like 9.5 miles or something and it was nice to get out on lonely country roads. About 5 hours later I got to go on a 1/2 hr run with chelle so that added another 3 miles or so for a nice 12 in one day. The following day I did go on that bike ride with Denny on the Paul Bunyan Bike Trail. I think we did 45 miles or something…cold to start, some rain, but turned nice by the end. All in all I am thankful that I got to swim, run twice, and bike with some of my favorite people in the span of 4 days.

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June 4, 2007 at 8:43 pm
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