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Taking a 0 for today

Well after a string of 35 or 40 days in a row of training I finally took a day off today.  I hadn’t really planned on it going for that long, I just knew once December came around that I really needed to get after it.  Once January came around it was in full force and I don’t think I missed a day last month.  Today I was just really tired and felt run down after the 3hr bike and run brick on Saturday, plus the 11 mile run yesterday with the 1.5 hour bike before the Super Bowl, which by the way was a great game and it was specially rewarding to see cheaters lose.  So instead of training I got some house stuff done today and had a nice piece of left over Dairy Queen cake from Chelle’s birthday party.  I will get back at it tomorrow at 5am for swimming, and then have a pretty normal week.  One change will be that I won’t do my normal bike on Thursday because we have what I call band camp at work (the annual corporate get together) so I’ll probably do a faster one hour run out there. I will then have five days of solid riding since next week Chelle and me are going on a trip and I probably won’t get much in.  The time is flying and Twin Cities Epic Week with Aaron is first week in March.

What is Epic Week?  I think our target is 28 or 30 hours of training outside of our normal full-time jobs so it will be interesting.  Last year we did our own Epic Camp for 2 weeks and while it definitely stretched me, two weeks was too long.  I’ll probably focus the majority on the bike since I don’t think my left (bad) shoulder can take much more than a 20-25k swim week.  That week will be my peak hours, then I’ll come down for one week, then a harder week again, and then every week after that will be a descent in hours, though not speed.  Oh and I was fooling around with a race calculator again today and the fact that to run a 3:30 you have to run 8s really hit me over the head.  I told Aaron today that I’d rather do a 5:30 bike with a 3:30 marathon, than a 5:15 bike with a 3:45 marathon.  Now I know that is not how it works and you can’t just switch minutes around like that – but for me running is where I can push and I think I can make it longer before breaking relative to my preparation, hopefully that makes sense to you internet world.

February 4, 2008 at 8:40 pm
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