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St. Anthony’s Triathlon 2008

The most revered triathlon in Florida (yes more than Ironman Florida or the Great Floridian) is back for one more year. The 2008 St Anthony’s Triathlon start list is OUT OF CONTROL with all sorts of national and world champions on the list and every year it proves to be a red-lined non-drafting extravaganza. This is literallya the only race in the world where major Ironman, middle distance, and ITU short coursers battle it out for the podium. It is an independent race of historics proportions and you can bet that a win here will put you in rarifed history. My man David is of course leaving our rainy and cold weather to go down there so I wish him well. One more unique aspect of it is that many of the best amateur elites in the country make the trek to St. Petersburg to see where they stack versus their peers. Pretty much every single professional American has first raced St. Anthony’s as an amateur, so that start list is also stacked!

Visit satriathlon.com for all the info, or head to the the Participants List.

Below are my picks for the Kona Endurance St. Anthony’s Triathlon Challenge – you get a years worth of product if you win.
*Yes I am purposefully leaving one name off plus my selected winning time since I don’t want any copycats!

Greg Bennett
Richie Cunningham
David Thompson
Reinaldo Oliveira

Laura Bennett
Becky Lavelle
Julie Dibens
Taylor Pip


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April 25, 2008 at 11:01 am
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