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St. Anthony’s Tri

In what I think is surely THE  MN AG performance of the early season, Curt Wood lit up the St.Athony’s Olympic Tri.  His swim is always rock solid, but it was his bike that stood out with the fastest time of all amateurs.  Though I am doing Lake Waconia, (which means I’ll be going out to bike while the fast guys will be leaving T2 ) I think it will be real interesting to see what shakes out at that race..  Bich has held the Best of MN crown for 2 years, while Shelp just finished his first pro race at IMAZ, but should have enough time to get the speed-work back in before June…It’d be good for someone to have a video camera around in case it comes down to a sprint (I’ll post it to youtube and put it on here if u send it to me).

St. Anthony’s Triathlon
1,500 Meter Swim/40K Bike/10K Run
29-Apr-07   St. Petersburg, FL

DKT = 8th Pro / 1:51:01 / SW  19:18, 1:18 per100 / BK 55:49, 26.7 mph / RUN 33:40, 5:25 mn/ml.

Curt Wood= 2nd Elite Amateur / 1:55:33 / SW 18:08, 1:13 per100 / BK 56:03, 26.6 mph / RUN 39:19, 6:20 mn/ml. 
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May 2, 2007 at 4:43 pm
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