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Slowtwitch registers 20,000 members

On July 23rd 2008, slowtwitch.com, the largest and most influential triathlon website in the world registered member number 20,000. Almost half the people that actively read the forum are not registered, which gives you a good idea of how many active participants rant, race, critique, and journal about all sorts of triathlon related things (I’m in the measly 500 post club). With the demise of of other online triathlon sites, and the building out of his team (Herbert, Rappstar, Jay) Dan Empfield has the fastest responding, organic triathlon organization out there.
Slowtwitch is not perfect, and just as with any community there will always be issues, but you cannot deny that ST understands and embraces technology, and takes it a step further by enjoying the backing of many of the top folks in the industry. Have you seen Gerard of Cervelo post, or Tom Ziebart of Ironman? On the pro triathlete side they have already amassed the largest interview database in just the past year and a half (triathletemag has more in the archives but good luck with that website). And last, but not least, Dan’s role as a forefather of the triathlon bike and wetsuit, as well as tri specific bike fitting with F.I.S.T., gives ST the rigorous technical articles that aren’t seen anywhere else. I believe that a big congrats are in order for slowtwitch!
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July 24, 2008 at 6:46 am
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