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Ride to the forbidden zone

Today Dr. Jones (Brennan) and I met at Gear West for a great Friday morning ride through the western lands. We headed out west toward the Liberty Tri course and comepleted the first 10 miles till I spaced out, missed a turn, and we ended up just getting on Hwy 6 headed to Watertown.  We decided to take some road that pointed us to Waconia (where the Best of the US, Lake Waconia Tri takes place) and took that all the way till we crossed Highway 7. Hwy 7 is a pretty well traveled highway that takes you from Minneapolis way out west – but right now it is under construction west of the cities so there are big “road closed” signs. But wait, we were on our bikes, so we decided to go down the closed highway on my Cervelo and his Litespeed Saber, a few lanes all to ourselves just cruising along. Frankly it reminded me of the day (exactly one year ago) when the 35W bridge collapsed a mile from our loft. There were kids just walking down the middle of Highway 35 as all the authorities were too busy on search and rescue.  It was bizarre to see kids just walking down the middle of three lanes with no care and no cars on it. So anyway, I think this might be one of my last long rides for a ride (56 miles today felt looong) – so I think I should commemorate it.  Oh and here is to hoping that Dr. Jones completes Ironman Louisville with no problems!

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August 1, 2008 at 9:33 pm
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