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Really Old Tri Strategies

I was cleaning up my hotmail and found an email I had written to Aaron a long time ago – I decided not to edit it so take it for what it is – two tri buddies talking up strategies over email about what to do at Racine ’07.

to be honest I learned to think with segments and stuff in my mind from
shelp! I still have the piece of paper with my nutrition strategy. after
that i decided i should do that for longer races. however in practice its
broken down like this;

steelehead 06 = nice plan
clearwater 06= no plan, just nutrition, try to break 5.
twincities marathon 06 = gel every 45mins, run conservative and stretch out
ITband several times. Reality = it worked!

liberty = break 5, “kill the bike”, “I can for sure run faster than 8:30s”
. Reality = crushed the bike for oly distance, it crushed me for half-IM distance.

Lake Waconia 07 = beat last year. no expectations on swim/don’t get crazy on bike,
run faster than last year. Reality = faster bike, slower run that last year
(but bike was longer).

Heart of Lakes 07 = 3 stroke breathing, keep head down, bike strong (but once
computer broker had no idea) but keep some in tank, run 6:45s…but with no
milemarke had no idea. Reality = just about right for once, but it was the
first time I was in a “competitive” situation knowing who was ahead/behind,
who I had to catch etc…for these shorter ones I only take 1 gel on bike,
hardly anything on run. My heart rate on bike was mid 160s to mid 170s (I
have yet to look on watch for actual avgs). On run it was mid 170s whole
way…I thought that’d blow me up but I didn’t want to let go of a podium
place so I kept on trucking, by mile 4 it was 180s, I’m guessing low 190s
for last half mile when I was trying to catch #2.

as far as paces:
for swim i never have and it is too hard to read watch (at racine I won’t
wear one on swim…partly cause I’ll wear garmin on bike/run, partly casue
I just want to “swim”).

On bike I thought at liberty that riding at 165 wouldn’t kill me = it did
not at mile 25, it did at 45, 55 miles…so for Racine I am backing it down to
below 160 for sure and if I’m going over 27 mph, I’ll soft pedal to save
for the run…

on run: with my recent experience at HOTL I’ll shoot for low 160 for first
5/mid 160s for 2nd 5/don’t look down for last 5k. However – I think I know
my body the best on the run, so it will be a mixture of how I feel and def.
looking at pace…sometime I “think I’m going fast and I’m not” or vice
versa – I feel slow but am clipping along (if under 7 pace then I’ll back

So I guess I don;t look at HR for swim at all (but 3 stroke breathing is an
awsome cap), bike use a mph ceiling/hr cap, then for run use pace over HR.”

Funny right :)

December 19, 2007 at 9:56 pm
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