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Random gear west updates

Well here are some random and good things that are going on over at our local favorite tri shop gearwest – head to gearwestbike.com

  • new links section on the site: yes! I made it on there, as well as nick’s trimapper.com
  • WIND TUNNEL CAMP – this trip is going to be great, just a small group heading out to M.I.T. for a full day of testing (does an LG or Giro fit you better) plus some swimming and running through the great city of Boston. I don’t have the money for this one, but if you do – this is a great chance to get in the wind and see how many watts you can squeeze out of your setup. The multisports.com and Friel tunnel experience are WAY more expensive…
  • Retul: yes, gw bought one of these spendy biomechanical fitting systems. I will be actually trying this out (video? sure why not!) as soon as Kevin gets back from vacation. I am pretty excited to see how I can improve my setup before Ironman Arizona which is my A race for 2008. I will have a full report on that.
  • Saturday Spins @ 8am: well this is a great opportunity to get out of the house and get some fresh air/sweat with fellow triathletes as we try to stay in shape over the snowy winter – I haven’t been to one yet, but I think next week might be my first.

One more, if you go on the main SCS page, you can get info for the “1st Annual Triathlon Specific Swim Meet” put on by SCS and Gearwest on January 6th from 9-noon. 200 fr Relay * 200 fr * 100 IM * 50 fr * 500 fr * 50 fly * 100 fr (w/o FastSkin) * 50 back * 100 fr (w/FastSkin) * 200 mixed equipment (kickboards, pullbouys, paddles, etc). This should be fun – I don’t think I am going to swim, but iwilltri video might show up.

As I am writing this I’m listening to radioio on itunes radio (nice death cab son: “I will follow you into the dark”) – I think I’ll try to incorporate what I am listening to when I post. Lastly, my very nice parents in law gave me a 500 gig drive so now I can go back to editing videos. I still have to finish the dkt series from back in October (1&2 here), as well as IronGirl duathlon, and some others.

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December 29, 2007 at 6:05 pm
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