All Triathlon, All the Time


This is my ongoing list of professional triathletes – yes they are by first name because that is how we really know a lot of them. If you would like to contribute to the list please email me at: hector “@” iwilltri.com

Bevan Docherty: @iwilltri

Craig Alexander, “Crowie”: @iwilltri

Emma Snowsill: @iwilltri

Greg Welch: @iwilltri

Hunter Kemper: @iwilltri

Ivan Rana: looking for link, email me! @iwilltri

Matt Reed, “Boom Boom”: @iwilltri

Rasmus Henning: @iwilltri

Sara McLarty@iwilltri

Simon Whitfield: @iwilltri

Vanessa Fernandes: @iwilltri