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Well here it is, the beginning of the multisport season for me. I’ve had a few running races this year, but this is where it all begins. All the little gear checks you learn over the years, getting the race package together, waking up early, it’s all here. Aaron will be picking me up in about 20 minutes as we head from our warehouse district base-camp to the racing grounds of the western suburbs.

The usual cast of elites will be there, and looking just now thru the ’06 results, we can ask a few questions: Will the 2 min. diff b.n DKT and the rest of the field widen or narrow? Grossinger kept up with him on the first run, and Millner’s second run was fastest, but there is the bike and I think we could see thompson hit 26.

Ok I don’t want to be late and it’s time for all of us to be: 100% race machines.

May 20, 2007 at 11:19 am
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