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Post Twin Cities

I woke up early, took the light rail with Chelle to the metrodome, and right at 7:10 the 10milers were off! I took trusty cervancho on a no bike shoes/running shoes instead tour of the mississippi river and St. Paul. I rode as fast as I could to Franklin and River Road (mile 19 of marathon, 3 of 10 miler) to try and catch aaron and merrie, but I was too late. I did manage to catch Tpalmer from work and chelle. I then rode like a mad man again south on empty West River Road to cross over on Lake Street. I managed to get to mile 25 and see aaron, but missed Merrie and Tpal again. I did see Cathy Lee and Darcy, local elite triathletes that will be competing next week at the Lifetime US Open Championship in Dallas. I then rode down to the finish and was very happy to catch Chelle a little beyond the awesome, huge, American flag. She finished her longest race ever (it’s great to see both of us reach our longest distances this year) and I am one proud husband!

All the info you ever wanted at mtcmarathon.org. And yes this is an open invitation for you to run the Twin Cities Marathon next year and skip going to Chicago…


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October 8, 2007 at 10:02 pm
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