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Post St. Paul Winter Carnival Frozen Half Marathon

Alright well here is my first race review for 2008. I think I’m going to try to stick with the same format so there is some consistency in my record keeping history.

Winter CarnivalFrozen Half Marathon – Saturday January 26, 2008

Place No.     Name                         Age   Time         Pace
163    379     Hector Fernandez   28      1:36:48    7:24

for all results go to the Anderson Race site.

-Conditions: 20 degrees, cloudy / 178 pounds / not feeling super prepared since I’ve only started serious training since Christmas – mostly 20-30 mile run weeks.

-Nutrition: Aaron and I ran-walked the first water stop at mile 4 (ice was building up in the cups) and the same on the way back – I had an orange Hammer gel with me but did not take it.

-The race: We went out right at 7:30s and that felt like the right pace with me thinking I might be slowing down towards the end.  The majority of my miles have been indoors and I haven’t run up hills that much.  Once we started though I thought that I should push it at mile 10.  Why 10? Easy, there is only a 5k left and I have decided that this year I will really push it at then end regardless of what distance the race is.  Mile 10 came and I was hurting, but I had committed to going at 10 so off I went.  I dropped from 7:30s to 6:30s as my heart rate started creeping up (quite fast).  I did not look down at my watch after mile 10.5s because my hear rate was scaring me, meaning it was high and I might slow down.  I play this game of counting people I pass – I passed 39 from what I remember and as we turned left on Jackson up the hill I was toast.  Somehow though I had something left so I just pushed the last few blocks and repassed the only guy that had managed to repass me in the last 3 miles of the race.  At the line I felt like throwing up which is a new feeling for me.  I’m not interested in doing a Shumacker throwup in Beijing, but I am interested in pushing myself as much as possible this year.

-Result:  while it’s not my pr, a 1:37 is decent enough for where I am at and I was happy to see me go under 1:40.  I hope to get under 1:30 this summer some time this summer but for this cold winter day it was a good result.  Even better is that I followed that up with a very solid Computrainer session today that incorporated longer intervals (10′ RI for all: 25′,20′,20′,10′).

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January 27, 2008 at 2:49 pm
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