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Post Lake Waconia

Ok brief update from the thingelstad compound (I need to come up with a real title for it, maybe my “western training center” or something…): I am very happy with my Waconia Tri results. I had to run down quite a few guys and passed 3 or 4 after the turn around. I knew that Hoffman was up ahead and I probably would not catch him, but I wondered in what position he was. It got real hot out there (lifetime/heart of lakes will be HOT) and I just kept thinking of what Siri said at last year’s lifetime nbc coverage: if you are not hurting, you are not going fast enough.

Looking thru the results, it looks like I had the 5th fastest T2 (46 secs)! Ha! I’m just a small time age grouper but somehow managed to put on my ds racers faster that a lot of people that I will never actually see on a race course….

I was 1/2 wrong about the battle of the ages as Bich retains the Best of MN title for a 3rd year, making up 1:30 on the run vs Curt. On the women’s side we have a repeat winner again with Cathy winning. Marta Lewinsky is tearing it up this year and placed 3rd (she already qualified for Clearwater ’07!). Ok more later, now I have a bike ride with chelle and then a quick run.

Official 2007 Lake Waconia Tri Results

From around the world:

At Challenge Roth it looks like Macca did not have the 4 minutes he needed to break the IM world record, but still clocked a 7:54. I think that means that he moves into 1st place for most sub8-hr IMs ever. For a great interview with the Roth Race director go to ironmantalk (imagine a race of 4k athletes w/4k volunteers! 1:1 ratio!)

At Iroman Coeur d’Alene, Canadian dentist Tom Evans is currently in first with Mckenzie close by (rhodes and lovato back 6 and 10 mins).

At Buffalo Springs 70.3 Natascha Badmann (now holder of the fastest Half-IM ever) just added another vicotry to her long list ahead of Desiree, Mirinda, and Rebekah Keat.

***And lookey here, the “resurgent” Kevin GearWest I was talking about skipped Waconia and race at Buffalo Springs – he is back people! He was 13th OVERALL in 4:19:04 – 5th amateur, so hello Big Island cause the O’Connor’s are heading to Hawaii in October.

I don’t have an update on IM Zurich cause I don’t know any of the pros doing it (small field, mostly euros) -but I hope the Mpls crew is doing well!

At the Philadelphia Tri David Thompson wasn’t able to retain his champion title and came in third behind Craig Alexander (what will he do in Hawaii?) and Doug Friman. But yes DKT did bike the fastest, clocking 25 miles in 57:25.

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June 24, 2007 at 1:08 pm
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