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Quick thoughts here since if I don’t get to bed soon I won’t make my Monday am lift routine (been semi-consistent). 1) Jerry’s brain library of race facts/names/details is quite amazing. 2) It is a testament to our local race scene that there were top age groupers in the whole nation (list too long to mention) and even some Olympic hopefuls racing today, alongside 1st timers. 3) I told gearwest trent today, and I am going on record, predicting that Curt Wood (26.2 mph today, #1 bike split) emerges as Best of MN at Waconia. The women’s side will be as hotly contested, but Curt is just on fire and his run is coming around.

As far as my race, the rollers (always have been limiters for me) just killed me, and yes more bricks are in store. That second run was tough and I was really expecting to go faster…oh well first race of the season. Props to my sister-in-law Tammy for coming out and doing a tough course the weekend before she does Apple Du. Somehow mapqwest gave her bad directions (I’m trusting those sites less and less), so she came into transition right at 8:20 with 10 mintues to spare.

To see my grandpa at a race was a great birthday present. This is the first multisport race he has ever seen my compete in (they live back in Guatemala City, Guat) and whatever athletic ability I have is directly from him. I will write a post some time on his athletic accomplishments (Guatemalan national team in track&field + basketball), but for today all I can say is thanks grandpa!

gw du

And as always, thanks to chelle for being supportive.

May 20, 2007 at 10:14 pm
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