All Triathlon, All the Time


Ok some of the sites that are important to me away from the tri-world:

Bethlehem Baptist Church: my church of 9 years, I love it. If you ever want to visit, drop me a line.

Desiring God: Pastor Piper’s resource site, chock full of good stuff that helps my mind and faith.

DrudgeReport: yes, regardless of your politics, this is the site that usually reports things first.

frontlinethoughts.com: beyond newspapers, but still an easy read on the markets.

the independent institute: I wish I could replace cnn with a tv version of this.

Realclearpolitics.com: nice editorial aggregator – if it is important, it is on here.

soccernet: so much info on futbol, the first sport I learned on the unpaved streets in Guatemala city.

thingelstad.com: My bro in law’s site – without his help mine would be stuck in blogspot land.

Wall Street Journal: THE paper of record, not that other NY paper…