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One year later after training for Ironman Arizona

I was finishing up stuyding for some lame stats class, looked at the lovely outlook calendar, and started to think about what I was up to last year. 

Next thing I know I was back on this site trying to figure out what I was doing in ’08 – and yes it was a lot of triathlon stuff.  I had just told work I was leaving, we had just put the loft on the market (brilliant idea), and were trying to downsize.  And yet we were also 1 month away from Ironman Arizona.  Somehow Chelle was kind enough to let me keep training, and during this week in ’08 she went to Brazil+Argentian for work = so that meant I could train.  More than I ever had before. 

28.5 hrs – mostly indoors, though I had 3 runs outside. 

On that Sunday I did a megaworkout – 1hr swim, 5hr bike indoors, and 2 hr run  = all back to back.  Oh and I only weighed 170.8.

Now this site is out of date and half broken, I weigh a lot more, am way out of shape, think midnight on a school night is normal (no 5am swim meets with team swedemala at the Y), and haven’t written on here in a long time.  Well anyway, I do miss triathlon, the minneapolis crew, thinking about getting ready for Gear West duathlon over my birthday, crazy 5k swims with A-aron, etc. Some day it’s coming back.  And when it does I’ll have one more Big Training Week, maybe even go on epiccamp or something before gordo and molina retire…

Here is the archive links for last year: http://iwilltri.com/2008/03/

March 18, 2009 at 12:05 am
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