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One O One Bradenton

David Thompson wins 1st ever One O One.

If you were somehow living under a rock and didn’t realize who took the bike splits at alcatraz and lifetime or posted the fastest USAmerican 1/2 time last year, your time of hibernating is over. On May 6, 2007 at the inaugural One O One triathlon in Bradenton, Florida, David Thompson took command of the bike and never looked back. I was supposed to leave for a bbq before the twins-redsox game, but I just kept hitting refresh on slowtwich till I saw that he was at the 20km mark and knew that there was no way to keep him from first. A big congrats to DKT and Hannah on their biggest win yet.
*And let’s not forget that his wrist was jacked up just a few weeks ago after some semi driver swerved in to him.

Bradenton One O One
Sunday, May 6, 2007
1.86mi (3km) Swim – 80.6mi (130km) Bike – 18.6mi (30km) Run

David Thompson #1 = 05:45:41 // SW 42:24, 1:14/100m // BK 03:00:53, 26.7 mph // 02:00:23, 6:27 mn/ml.

I have reproduced the dkt entries of the slowtwitch/slowdef One O One race coverage.

This is me cherry-picking the dkt stuff of the coverage:
“-6:30 AM: Today’s the day. The first realistically viable alternative to 140.6 takes flight in 30 minutes, and we’ll see if Triathlon One-O-One can execute. Of course we’ll be watching the pro race, and a dandy field it is. On the men’s side, the favorite is Marino Vanhoenacker, who came off a 6th place in the most Ironman Hawaii to finish third a month later in the ITU Long Course Worlds, held at roughly the One-O-One distance.

-6:56 AM: It’s a calm day today, and probably not yet 70F. The swimmers are preparing to go, all 140 or so of them. A fourth of the field is pro, chasing the fifty-thou in prize money.

-6:59 AM: Back to the men’s pro field. David Thompson is likely to challenge for the early lead on the bike, along with Slowtwitcher Jordan Rapp. To the degree you like the way the forum here looks as of late, Rappstar is czar of forum functionality around here. He’s also possibly czar of this bike course today. We will see.

-7:14 AM: These three laps of the swim aren’t your typical ITU-style laps, where swimmers exit the water and you can see who they are. The swim is conducted around a triangular-shaped course, swimmers never leaving the water.

-8:00 AM: Recapping, it appears to be Bayliss, followed by Carusone and Cave. Ambrose appears the next man. Nina Kraft and Jonas Colting are out next. Then it’s David Thompson, who’ll probably challenge early on the bike. Then as follows:
David Thompson @3:10
Tereza Macel
Marino Vanhoenacker
Hillary Biscay
Jordan Rapp @4:05
Karen Holloway @4:15
Chris McDonald @4:20
Petr Vabrousek @4:25
Ted Aas @4:35
Manuel Barreiro @4:45
Zach Ruble @4:35

-8:06 AM: We’ve got some Slowtwitchers here. The front group could and ought to include Jonas and Rappstar, with BIGZACH not far behind. In truth, Rappstar (Jordan Rapp) ought to make it to the front quickly, if David Thompson doesn’t run away and hide. I don’t think either Vanhoenacker, Vabrousek or Colting can ride with the Scarborough Kid.

-8:21 AM: Monty reports as follows, after lap one of six on the bike:
Stephen Bayless
Paul Ambrose @:43
Nathan Kortuem @48
David Thompson @1:03
Jonas Colting @1:13
Marino Vanhoenacker @14:40

-8:45 AM: About 21mi in the race is starting to take shape. Stephen Bayliss is trying to run away with it on the bike — as opposed to others later on, who’ll try to ride away with it on the run. Bayliss is keeping his gap, the size of which we’re not precisely sure but it seems to be between :45 and a minute. Behind him a group has formed, and it consists of Thompson, Ambrose, MVH, Colting and Kortuem, in that order.

-8:57 AM: Big change in the men’s race! David Thompson put the hammer down, and bridged to Stephen Bayliss. They are riding side-by-side, and are some distance in front of a group of three, now, MVH, Colting and Ambrose. Nathan Korteum appears dropped from that group, about :25 in arrears.

-9:05 AM: About those lap times. It appears that a good male pro lap takes about 31min. A very fast pro lap takes about 30min. David Thompson rode that second lap in 29:20, which explains how he hoisted himself to a share of the lead.

-9:11 AM: More changes in the men’s race. David Thompson continues his scorching ride, and has shaken off Stephen Bayliss. MVH, meanwhile, has decided, apparently, that he needs to get rid of Colting prior to the run, or he needs to reel in a bit of Thompson’s lead. Colting and Ambrose are together. At mile-34 we have it as follows:

MVH @:45
Bayliss @1:00
Colting @1:20
Ambrose @1:20

-9:26 AM: Slowtwitcher Johnnyo asks about the sportsmanship on the bike course. There are 8 marshalls for a 13-mile loop, and for pros the 10-meter rule is in effect. For AGers, it’s the normal USAT rule. This would be anathema to WTC, which runs its races on the basis of one set of rules for all athletes on the day. But the pros are fond of the ITU long course rules, specifically 10m, and that’s what’s in effect today. You can see the effect of a strictly-enforced large zone. There’s a lot of fluidity among the lead male riders.

-9:27 AM: MVH continues his charge! This Belgian does not waffle. At least when it comes to his effort on the bike. He’s now only :10 behind David Thompson, and we have MVH riding that last lap in 29:25, very close to the scorching lap Thompson rode one lap ago. Here are the men halfway through the ride:
MVH @:10
Ambrose /Colting / Bayliss, all at 1:40
Nathan Korteum @3:35
Ted Aas @3:45

-9:46 AM: We’re 45 miles into this 80mi ride, and things continue to change in the men’s race. MVH has caught Thompson, and they ride together. Ambrose has since split from the pack of 3 in which he was riding, and is along @2:38. Colting leads Bayless, but just, @3:00. Colting’s friend and countryman Ted Aas is next, @4:24, and Nathan Korteum, who is doing well but not having the ride he had at Clearwater, is next @4:50.

-9:55 AM: We’re entering lap-5 of 6 laps, and MVH and Thompson continue to share the lead.

-10:10 AM: The weather is perfect today, at least for the bike course. No clouds, no wind, not much heat. But this is just the sort of day that might turn brutal on the run, as the lack of clouds spells heat, and the lack of breeze means… heat. Slowtwitcher HH asks for some sort of commentary on the scenery. Do I see cows he wants to know. I do not see any cows. But then I’m indoor working at a computer.

-10:17 AM: Thompson has dispatched MVH! After the hard charge by the Belgian, Thompson has opened his own can o’ ass whup and has a whopping 1:40 gap! Ambrose and Colting are now 4:00 down. Aas is ahead of Bayliss.

-10:28 AM: With a lap to go, Thompson continues to ride alone in front. MVH is now 1:47 down. Did he make a tactical error in riding up to Thompson? We’ll see what happens on this last lap.

-10:31 AM: The race is blowing apart. Colting has come through alone, and Ambrose is nowhere in sight. Even Colting appears to be suffering a bit, based simply on time gaps. He’s 6:47 down on Thompson, and 5:00 back of MVH.

-10:37 AM: Cave, with a lap and a half to go in the bike ride, is still leading but, as opposed to David Thompson, is not crushing the competition. Karen Holloway remains just 3:10 back. But, finally Holloway has dispatched Kraft, who is a further :32 back. Macel and Biscay are 8 and 9min back respectively.

-10:44 AM: Thompson continues to stretch it out. With about 5 miles left to go in the bike ride, he’s extended his lead over MVH to 3min.

-10:49 AM: David Thompson is about to dismount his bike, after 80 hard miles of riding — harder yet for those behind him. We’re awaiting a split to second place and thereafter.

-11:02 AM: So, to recap, Thompson leads. MVH is 4:10 back, and then Ambrose another 4:34 back. As the men enter the run, further in arrears, it’s Colting, Aas, and Korteum, all within about 15sec of each other.

-11:32 AM: We have a split from Thompson to MVH, and at 3mi into the run the gap is a whopping 7:06!. Colting has dropped due to the heat. Meanwhile, near the end of the top-10 we have McDonald, Barreiro, and Vabrousek, and about 2:30 behind him is BIGZACH, aka Zach Ruble, who’s “knocking on money’s door,” according to Monty.

-11:44 AM: Thompson continues to stretch the elastic. At 10k into the run it’s 8:15 he has over MVH. Remember, this is no marathon. At 10k you’re a third of the way through. Though anything can happen, it’s looking good for bikers to take this race, and that’s atypical of ultras.

-11:52 AM: It’s a bit of a cooker out there, not appropriate for cold-weather-philes, like Colting. One assumes David Thompson has tropics physiology as he continues to keep the pedal to the floor. There are three laps to this run, making it good for spectators and for our spotters as well. We ought to be getting a second-lap split in just under 15min, we’ll try to get a split somewhere out on the course prior to that.

-11:58 AM: We have a 15k split. We were talking about cold-weather-philes? Perhaps add MVH to that list. He’s now 9:45 down on Thompson. Here’s how the race shapes up:
MVH @9:45
Bayliss @10:50
Kortuem @11:00

-12:18 PM: The men are at 20k, that is, they are preparing to lap the women. David Thompson came through at 5:04:00, and appears to be on pace for about a 5:40 finish time. He’s, “downing salt tablets like they’re Gummy Bears,” sez Monty, and I’m reminded of a recent thread on that subject on our forum.

-12:27 PM: Men at 20k:
David Thompson 5:04:00
Bayliss @10:10
Kortuem @11:10
Ambrose @12:20

-12:41 PM: The men’s leader, David Thompson, is not far from closing out his biggest race and biggest win. As one reflects on the time he’ll post, about five and three-quarters hours, it’s apparent why the pros like this distance. It takes about the same time as the MOPer needs to complete a half, and puts about that much stress on a professional athlete’s body. The women take a bit longer to do their race, perhaps 6:15. This is the kind of race an ultra athlete can compete in as often as monthly. Contrast that to an Ironman, where two a year is a lot, and a half-IM, where sprinters typically suck up the prize money. For a lot of pros, this is the distance around which to build a season.

-12:55 PM: David Thompson has just breezed to the biggest win of his career, by far. One guesses he’ll give the fledgling race good word of mouth. Nina Kraft has just passed 20k in the same time. She’s right at 8min behind Cave.

-1:29 PM: David Thompson snippets: “It was a great race…. I don’t ride with a computer or a watch… Attacked the last lap and a half, rode in a 53×12 the whole way, excluding turns… Because of all the U-turns on the run, I ran defensively the whole way… Biggest win I’ve ever had… Yes, I’m going to Clear Lake.”

-1:37 PM: Okay, we’ve got the male finishers wrong. We think it went like this:

1. David Thompson
2. Stephen Bayliss
3. Nathan Kortuem
4. Paul Ambrose
5. Marino Vanhoenacker
6. Chris McDonald
7. Ted Aas
8. Petr Vabrousek
9. Zack Ruble”

I will let the slowtwitch forum discuss the pros/cons/etc, of that venue. I have never been to Bradenton and probably never will – but this was my post on it:

“I would attribute the “growing pains” mostly due to the fact that a new course lends itself to unique challenges.
The “big boys” produced Clearwater, and while it was a long overdue development, has increased the spotlight on 1/2s,
and is probably the favorite race I have ever done – it still had it’s rough edges (car traffic, drafting, etc)

The big story for me about the fist 101 race is that dkt is about to win his biggest race ever – these small race hiccups will surely be fixed. “

May 7, 2007 at 6:27 pm
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