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Official 2008 Wildflower Triathlon race updates!

I’m on an official extended family vacation but just volunteered to drive my mominlaw to a coffee shop for her to do some work online…”volunteered”. Now I get to sit here for an hour and see wildflower online. My pick remains Terenzo on the guys side… Monty (Mark Montgomery = one of the original Ironman competitors) is covering the 2008 Wildflower Triathlon Half Ironman for us all over at slowtwitch.com He must have some nice hookup because cell phone coverage is known to be spotty out there in the middle of nowhere California. Wildflower is a must do race for me but just did not fit into my schedule. Right now DKT is somewher down on Bjorn (in 1st) and Chris Lieto (in 2nd). To follow the entire race head on over to the slowtwitch.com official wildflower results and race updates thread.
To see the entire starting list for both Wildflower and St. Croix visit my previous post: iwilltri.com/st-croix-703-and-wildflower-triathlon

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May 3, 2008 at 10:45 am
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