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NYC Triathlon

 New York is many things, but one thing that it’s for sure is BIG.  Big concerts/sports/careers/buildings/fashion/and yes they have their big old triathlon.
 On Sunday, the Lifetime Triathlon Series continues on it’s 2nd stop of the 2007 season with the Nautica New York Triathlon .  Yes some big names (many of which just raced lifetime) will be there, along with hundreds more of age groupers like myself.  They actually have tv coverage, so go on their site and get the info!  Bennett is gunning for taking the whole Series, while I don’t know if Vanessa is heading to the big apple and I think Emma will be there to defend her ’06 win.  If you look at the times they are fast (specially swim, but that is function of yucky river current I think).  Looking thru ’06 list you actually had some long course specialists like Bjorn Andersson, Jonas Colting, Desiree Ficker, and Katja Schumacher show up so that should be interesting if it repeats itself (I could not find pro list for ’07).
 There was quiet a fiasco (from what I read online) last year with officials/pros cutting the course/ proper race procedure issues last year, so let’s hope this year it is nice and orderly like a lunch at the 4 Seasons.

July 19, 2007 at 1:40 pm
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