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New Zealand Olympic Triathlon team chosen: Shane Reed and Andrea Hewitt

Oh boy, so just days after I wrote my post on Emma Snowsill not being snubbed for a Beijing Olympic slot and some of the controversies surrounding the confirmation process, New Zealand yesterday chose their final two Beijing Olympics triathletes. Shane Reed and Andrea Hewitt have been chosen by the independent committee made up of Josie Sinclair, Rick Wells, Lyne Pattle, to round out the team. The other two triathletes that did qualify within the official ranking standards at previouos races were Sam Warriner and Debbie Tanner for the women, and Bevan Docherty and Kris Gemmell for the men’s. This is obviovusly a stacked team that has the potential to produce podiums and should have more than one athlete come in the top ten at Beijing. Now who got left off the team? Nicky Samuels and Terenzo Bozzone have selected as alternates in case someone gets sick, breaks something, dopes, etc.

I will be honest and say that I do not know that much about Nicky Samuels, but I do know about Terenzo and one thing I can say for the non-drafting community at large: watch out. I think I will have a separate post going over what Terenzo has already done at such a young age and what I think will happen. Before I head to Gear West to pick up my bike box for Ironman Arizona though I will nominate three things that Terenzo will do now that he is off the Olympic team:

1) He will be mad, super mad, and that just might turn into some record performances like the Wildflower course record he set two years ago coming out of nowhere.
2) 70.3 registrations will be up as he shows up near and far to show the speed that has put him in contention at Clearwater before.
3) The lava fields of Kona will have to welcome a New Zealand bulldog to the grand stage either here in 2008 (which I think might be early since he is an alternate for Beijing) and if not definitely in 2009. Remember, Mark Allen or Dave Scott (sorry can’t remember who) mentioned Terenzo as one of the new guys to watch out for in the coming years at the Hawaii World Championships. Terenzo reminds me a lot of Craig Alexander, with a very balanced race and amazing speed.

For the full New Zealand Triathlon Federation press release go to the triathlon.org.nz site.

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April 5, 2008 at 8:08 am
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