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New Prague Half Marathon Race Report for 2008

New Prague Half Marathon Race Report for 2008

There I was driving down 169, listening to Let It Happen, and old MXPX record, posting some twitters, and generally enjoying myself on a cool morning through the Minnesota countryside. The New Prague Half Marathon holds a special place in my heart becasue it is the only race where I have gone by myself, raced by myself, and driven home by myself a total of three times. It was the first half marathon I ever raced, back in 2005. After finishing the 2004 Twin Cities Marathon (on a challenge from my boss Ebert) I was hooked and wanted to keep running. My running mentor at work Wenker told me about New Prague so on a cold and rainy spring day in 2005 I headed down there to run on the old course. They have now revamped it and it is a big rectangle with rollers throughout each side. This year was the best weather year, with no rain and just a little overcast. I was hoping to wear my new Kellogg tri top, but I haven’t received it in the mail – but have no fear – the American flag shorts were in FULL DISPLAY. Chelle hates them, but umm I LOVE THEM.

So race specifics: I wanted to break 1:30. I knew it’d be a stretch since I’ve run probably 30 miles since Ironman Arizona and am just getting back into the swing of things.  However, in my mind I thought I was ready to run a 3:30 marathon at Arizona if the weather co-operated (it did not. was blistering hot, and I ran a 3:44) and my run workouts had proven that.  I started off with a group of guys as some jokers sped past us. Yes they were jokers because they were going at 6:20 pace for the first mile and I knew that only a dozen would stay on that pace so whatever – let the jokers go (and just remember their outfits for when I pass them later). I quickly latched on to an older guy that was banging off 7:10s consistently with only a watch. I had my Garmin 305 gps watch which monitors my pace and heart rate to help me stay out of troulbe but that older guy was just super consistent.  Anyway we kept going mile after mile with no slowing down for aid stations and we kept picking off folks. At some point a rock entered my shoe and lodged itself right below my middle two toes where your foot begins. I thought it would go away but it did not. At the 10 mile point I turned to the older (and wiser) man:

Hec: “can we break 1:30?”
Old guy: “no, but we can break 7 minute pace”

Hec – in my head: “screw that, if I run 6:20s I can break 1:30, let’s go and do your best Macca-chasing-Stadler impersonation.”

So I take off down the road and even though I am huffing and puffing I set my target on each person ahead of me. I catch up to a girl (that finished as 2nd female in race), hold her pace for 10 mississippis, and then take off again. This occurs several times with others, but that rock in my shoe is really killing now. So I think that I need to find a pole or street light or something to hang on to for an ultra quick, ITU-style taking shoe off, getting rock out, and taking off again. At around 11.5 miles I see my opportunity and stop. I take off shoe – no rock. No rock anywhere – where in the world is that lame rock? Gosh! Guy in long sleeve runs by, older (wiser) man runs by – no rock – where is the rock? Forget it – put shoe back on and take off after those two. I never caught them – I came to within 20 feet of them but could not match them (I’m thinking we were running 6:15s last mile).

Overall I am very pleased since I broke 7 minute pace (as the older, wiser man predicted) but I really wanted that 1:30 – so now that leaves me having to look at raceberryjam for a new race. Even Aaron was surpised when I called him to tell him about the race, and of course he wondered if my half marathon PR set at New Prague this year was becasue of Ironman training. Well I think it was – exactly 28 days after crossing the Ironman line in Tempe, I crossed the finish line miles away in a little out of the way town with 2 stoplights called New Prague, Minnesota.

2008 New Prague Half Marathon Result
OVERALL : 48 / 433
Overall versus Males: 47/433
25-29 Age group: 5/51 (top 5! yes!)

Total Time: 1:31:04 / 6:58 pace

First 10 Miles: 1:10:25 / 7:02 pace

Last 5k (3.1 miles): 20:43 / 6:40 pace.

full New Prague Half results

What is my history at the New Prague Half?

2005: 1:40:28 / 7:40 pace (first half marathon ever)

2006: 1:34:48 / 7:15 pace (I had run a 1:52 half marathon the previous summer at the Spirit of Racine half marathon, my first 70.3 ever)

2007: nope, did Earth Day Half instead (1:44:04 / 7:57 pace and horribly under trained after a slackerish winter)

2008: 1:31:04 / 6:58 pace


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