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New Insidetri.com layout!

Yo check out the new layout that the good guys at insidetri.com came out with. Nice and clean, I like it.

One of the InsideTriathlon smackdowns they have on there right now is related to who are the top 3 greatest female triathletes of all time. I agree with some points and disagree on others (for example Michellie Jones getting silver, true gold since other = doper is not fair for the 80s girls since we simply did not have Oly’s back then…).
One little tidbit that I don’t think is accurate though is where they say that she has ” her 70-plus multisport wins. Jones is the winningest triathlete, man or woman, in the history of the sport.” While she is def up there in the top 5 of all time, I think that she might have over a 100 wins and some old school guys must be over a 100 too – ok small detail to pick on I admit.

I remember hearing that the old school guys like Molina, Tinley, etc had more wins, and on his site the Terminator states that “As a professional triathlete (1982-’95, excluding ’93), Scott claimed 104 professional victories including six USA professional championships, 50 USTS triathlons, two “World’s Toughest Triathlon” titles, Ultraman World Championships, 1991 Zofingen Duathlon, 1988 Hawaii Ironman World Championships and 46 podium finishes of either 2nd or 3rd place.”

Anyways, I like the layout and I like the smackdowns!

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March 7, 2008 at 12:57 pm
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