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My Racine Plan

This started off as a conversation b/n aaron and me for our last long race before IMmoo.

30-33 min swim = 3 stroke breathing, if I can’t hold 3 stroke then I’m going too fast and need to slow down, specially if it is wavy (like my first year when I couldn’t see buoys). I NEED to practice this in race situation before IMmoo and just let the swim be as fast as it can be withouh wasting hr bpms
fast trans!
2:35 bike…that’d be around 21 (granted I’d like to go over 22!). Lesson from liberty = first loop with hr in hi 160s is NOT good idea. so I’ll need to get comfortable and don’t chase after every fast guy I see on the road – I really blew up on run at liberty cause of bike and want to make that up.  “Going bike fast” at IMmoo is an idea that is getting farther and farther away from my main thoughts surrounding that race as I really want to finish well and not walk…so while maybe Racine is my last time to “kill the bike” this year,I think that I’ll try to be conservative. Plus  I want to run like the wind past the stinky zoo and all those fast guys that passed me on their new  DAs!
fast trans!
1:35 half…that’d be around 7:15s,  I think its a “very challenging but  doable” goal for me.  I’ll go back to my 5m/5m/5k mental strategy.  So I need to be under 38 for first 5/ maybe do 2nd one closer to 36/ then pick it up for last 5k.

If I can find 30 secs here and there then maybe I can get down to low 4:40!

But who knows maybe it’ll be 100 degrees and I’ll get 2 flats (actually would be a good learning experience)!        Racine 1/2

July 19, 2007 at 8:50 am
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