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More Liberty musings

The other half of team swedemala took us out for my birthday/epic camp battle/cinco de mayo/merrie winning her ag/etc… we went to dinner at The Loop in our neighborhood – my man Carlos works there and recommended the shrimp linguini, man it was good.

  • Go do whole liberty course again before racine – liberty is tougher and if there is wind (like yesterday) much tougher than racine.
  • build a higher block on my trainer to get in more climbing strength
  • throw in more hill training for the run (or better yet, Do the hill training in my program)
  • wait for the new hed disc to come out!

After that we went to Ocean’s 13 up by our old stomping grounds – Roseville. They have really re-done Rosedale – the theater was pretty nice, real comfy seats, but by the end I had stiffened up a lot from the race and had a migraine the size of that parking lot.

Me, Aaron, Mer, and Gregger pre-race:


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June 10, 2007 at 6:55 am
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