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Well since the US markets were closed today (while the foreign ones puked), I was able to spend a nice snowy day running around doing errands.  I had breakfast with my parents, which is the last meal we will share before they move to Costa Rica on Wednesday.  I also went to Gear West to get the Retul fitting  done by Kevin.  It took us about an hour to go through it.  We didn’t change the stem length, but I am sitting higher now and my saddle was also raised.  All in all I fit much better on my cockpit now, and I think the greatest strength will be to be able to go back in a few months and see what is happening to how I ride.  I will try to get the video posted soon, though finishing the DKT series from October comes first, as well as the small amount of video I have from Iron girl.  I also listened to a several different takes on Martin Luther King from MPR – mostly though they replayed segments from all the political characters that are on the road…that part was boring.

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January 21, 2008 at 6:10 pm
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