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Miracles of Mitch Foundation, Miracle Kids Tri

“Kids Racing for Kid Who Can’t” – The Miracles of Mitch Foundation deserves a much longer post but I only have a few minutes to highlight that the latest Triathlon was another success and yndecam.com has a nice gallery with over 170 shots of the triathlon. The motto for Miracles of Mitch is: “if you want to witness a miracle…be the miracle.” When Mitchell Chepokas died of cancer at age 9, Mitch asked his father to promise to help other families who were going thru cancer.

What happened back in 2002? “Mitch initiated a random act of kindness. He asked Steve (dad) to bring him his money, whatever he had coming to him, in crisp US currency. He did, and they stuffed it into envelopes and delivered them anonymously under the doors of the other kids in the hospital who’s Christmas suddenly looked a little brighter.” Since Mitch knew he would not be around for the following Christmas, that is when he asked his father to make that promise that has now grown to include:
* Personalized “Quality of Life” Grants
* Minnesota Miracle Weekends
* Home Rescue Team
* MiracleKids Kamp
* Counseling and grief support and guidance

The annual Miracle Kids Triathlon now includes both a race down at Lake Nokomis (site of the Life Time Fitness Tri) and the original at Lake Ann in Chanhassen. These kids only triathlons are some of the largest sub-teen triathlons in the world and not only give kids a great introduction to our sport but also allows them to race with another kids name on their leg that is suffering from cancer. Tony Schiller (a top American age group Oly master) is the Race Director for these events and they have been growing every year. Visit miraclekidstriathlon.org for more information.

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July 26, 2008 at 7:34 pm
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