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Minneapolis weather, Gear West University, & Wigwam Ironman Giveaway

-Last night I had a church meeting and when I came out to the parking lot in downtown Minneapolis the windchill was -40. Yes -40, and this morning when I was walking in past the Target Center and City center it had warmed up to -34 windchill. Sure the temps are in the -14 to -18 area, but this is out of control!

-2/17/2008: Last year Chelle and I attended Gear West University with Aaron and Merrie. It is a decent introduction to all things triathlon so I’d specially highlight this to newbies – changing tires, nutritional strategy, transitions, etc are all good things to learn about. They also had a session with DKT on power – though I did not attend since back then I did not own a Computrainer.
Sunday, February 17th 10am-7pm.
More info over at Gear West

-Gear West Duathlon Give-away: What to me has always meant the beginning of the multi-sport season, this year the Gear West Duathlon is partnering with WigWam socks to give out an Ironman slot! Helloooo – with the new Mdot procedures you actually have to travel to a race the year before to register since on site registration most assuredly will take every spot available. This my friends is a pretty nice give away as each Ironman costs $500 and then you don’t have to travel anywhere.

“In addition to the $5,500 worth of gear we already give away, we are adding one more item to tempt you with. The winner will be able to choose any Ironman North America race in either 2008 or 2009. Races include: IM Wisconsin, Coeur d’Alene, Canada, Florida, Arizona, Lake Placid and 70.3 in California & Florida.”

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January 30, 2008 at 7:46 pm
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