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Minneapolis Triathlon

Ok this post is not really about Minneapolis triathlon, it is more related to the fact that when I punch that into google I don’t pop up right away – gosh! I guess I need to work harder at posting more often to move up the rankings. I’m doing fine on the video side, with my youtube.com/iwilltri page approaching 10,000 hits, but I’m hoping to move up at some point. Random thoughts from today:

Aaron and I were swimming at the downtown YMCA today and we were talking about the triathlete magazine, competitor magazine, muddy buddy, etc mega deal that some ex-OLN / Versus bigshot is crafting through at Private Equity shop. While it is interesting to see a broad multi-sport mini-empire ebing built, it does seem toppy to me to see PE getting into this business at this point. When will the bubble burst for triathlon? Who knows -right now it’s hot and I like it!

I keep getting the “so when are you doing Kona / Hawaii Ironman?” question. I don’t think that the masses understand that it is less about IF you want to do it, and more like CAN you qualify. I am hoping to get some podiums in my age group at local races, but the Mdot events are a completely different story with so many Europeans coming over to race and ex-division 1 athletes coming into our sport. Anyways, for the record: YES I want to do Ironman Hawaii. But the chances of me doing that this year are very slim, and the 30-34 category is the hardest of all – so maybe in like 20 years.

Tomorrow I have a 3 hr computrainer ride scheduled for the morning. Ironman Arizona training is on now and it’s nice to start feeling the usual soreness and heaviness in the legs as I climb the stairs to our loft. Oh wait, I somehow slept through my4:55am alarm and didn’t run this morning!

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January 4, 2008 at 8:47 pm
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  • January 4, 2008 at 11:39 pmJamie Thingelstad

    Dude! I got your SEO advice right here. But a lot of it is just based on PageRank and that just takes time. We could definitely help this out though…

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