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Looking for a few good writers, bloggers

Iwilltri is looking for a few good contributors to our website. With my pending move to mba school, I am looking to enlist the help of triathlon geeks spread around the world that want to write about triathlons for triathletes. My email is hector “at” iwilltri.com


  • love triathlon: the training, the races, the pros, the amateurs, the gear, etc.
  • write (halfway) decently in English – while one day I’d love to expand, this is an English site so this is a must.
  • contribute 4-6 articles a month. They can be as short as a few sentences or as long as a full page, but the MAIN thing is for you to have an opinion. I do not intend to be the “cnn headline” news of triathlon where all you get is the news – opinion matters a lot to me and I’d rather have your opinion critiquing a linked story than just the link itself.
  • provide some level of coverage of the biggest triathlons in your country or region. Video is not a must, but any extra media would obviously be a plus!
  • love triathlon

Ideally I’d love to find 2-3 people, with at least one of them being a woman (I am lacking that female tri-view and it’s very important). Location preference would be in Europe or Latin America since that is where a large concentration of triathlons occur outside of N.A. (though I would not mind having a SanDiego or Boulder writer). If you are in Asia, don’t be shy!

What do you get in return:

  • write about the sport you are passionate about without having to start/maintain your own site
  • credit on every single story/interview/media you produce
  • more exposure to pro triathletes: if you are looking for interviews with specific pros or industry folks I can probably find the right contact for you to do that
  • being a part of a grass-roots, completely independent triathlon site.

So please, if you are interested send me your normal basic info, your screen name if you are on slowtwitch or tritalk, and maybe what you would be interested in writing about. As you can tell, our focus is on triathlon for triathletes – this is not a political/social commentary/celebrity site…you can dig around in the archives (I think I’m pretty close to 400 posts) to see if what you have in mind would fit iwilltri.

Please pass this on to a friend if you think they’d be interested,

Thank you,

Hector. hector “@” iwilltri.com

July 29, 2008 at 4:59 pm
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