All Triathlon, All the Time

3rd place again! Heart of the Lakes Triathlon »« Funnest Day of all of 2007

Lifetime Tri updates coming soon!!

OK if you have not checked out my interviews with Snowsill, Lavelle, and C. Alexander, the go to youtube and check out my channel at http://www.youtube.com/hectorguatemala.

But if you are wondering what I have coming for you here it is:

-Chapter 1: pro transition layout, my friend’s predictions, pro swim start, pro men at T1, pro women at T2, my own (i pretend to be espn commentator) race update.

-Chapter 2: elite amateur swim exit, top 10 pro men 1st run lap, top 10 men finish chute, greg bennett reaction to winning, top 5 pro women finish.

-Chapter 3: shortened vanessa fernandes interview, presentation of the checks (turn your volume up…includes me talking to my dad-in-law in background!), 89 year old woman finishing lifetime! now THAT IS AMAZING (yes I said 80 in video, but she is 89), men pro prize award (kind of helter/skelter recording), greg bennett accepting award, women’s pro prize awards.

July 16, 2007 at 8:18 pm
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