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Life Time Fitness Triathlon Video 5: more finish line and podium

This is video 5 of the Life Time Fitness Triathlon video collection for 2008. We see Mark Harms come in as 3rd elite age grouper – he has been super consistent and gets on the podium at BIG races. We see Mirinda Carfrae and Joanna Lawn finish, as well as Aaron Scheidies and Luke McKenzie racing as a team for cdifferent.org Top elite age group women finish with Yndestad, Nicolini, and Zelazo crossing the line. The girl hugging Cathy is her sister and responsible for getting her into triathlons! We then get a quick interview with Luke McKenzie and Aaron Scheidies at the finish line, while a picture of Andy Potts’ broken right aerobar extension leads into a press interview he was giving before the awards ceremony. Finally, we have the Pro awards ceremony with Simon Whitfield taking the big $60k check, then Andy Potts with $25k, and Greg Bennett with $15k. The female side had similar money distribution, with Emma Snowsill in first, Sarah Haskins in second, and Becky Lavelle in third.

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Life Time Fitness Triathlon 2008 Ch. 5 from Hector Fernandez on Vimeo.

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August 5, 2008 at 8:23 am
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  • March 8, 2009 at 11:14 pmKrysten Rose-McCully

    Hey, Hector!

    I know Aaron S. from Michigan State. He is truly an amazing guy. In fact, he has linked me up with another C-Different athlete, Kim Borowicz, and we are doing the Chicago tri together this year!

    Great site – I’m really impressed and look forward to expanding upon my tri-geekiness even more.

    -Krysten Rose-McCully

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