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Life Time Fitness Triathlon Video 1: the swim and men’s T1

Well here is the first Life Time Fitness Triathlon Video showing the swim and men’s T1. I am guessing we might end up with a dozen of these so keep watching out for them. We see Andy Potts emerge out of the water first by swimming the third fastest time ever. Who had the number one and two fastest all time at the Life Time Tri? Well that would be retired uber-swim-biker Craig Walton who is re-entering the civilian life after a long career in triathlon. The lead pack of guys was pretty big, and from that group Greg Bennett would actually post the fastest pro bike split (some age grouper went faster) and not TJ, Rappstar, or DKT as I predicted. I guess commentators (specially the unpaid/untrained) can be wrong once in a while…

On the women’s side we see them entering the water as Emma Snowsill and Sara McLarty line up closest to us. Guess who gets out of the water first for the women? Agh yes, chapter 2 coming soon.

Life Time Fitness Triathlon 2008 ch.1 from Hector Fernandez on Vimeo.

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July 22, 2008 at 6:36 am
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