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Laura Bennett: A Shot At Glory Video

Laura Bennett landed a starring role in one of the “A Shot At Glory” documentaries by MOJO HD.  In this video they discuss her entry into triathlon through her family (great picture of one of her brothers with an old school Alcatraz Triathlon shirt), her training, and of course a bunch of interaction with the rest of her family and her husband Greg.  People might wonder about how Greg talks about four year plans for their triathlon careers, but in this video he repeats that and mentions that Laura is about to start to peak.  As a side note, this doc. must have been filmed when it looked like Australia would have enough points for him to return to the Olympics.  Of course we now know that they did not earn enough points so if Team Bennett is going to win a medal at the Beijing Olympics it’s going to happen in two Mondays when the women’s triathlon takes place.  Oh and you see them running a lot in sweats and jackets  – I heard a rumor that they were doing a lot of that type of running even down in Florida when it was hot.  Everyone has different ideas as to how best to prepare for the heat of Beijing!

This is Laura and me down at the 2007 Hy-Vee.  I am a big fan of the Bennett’s!

Laura Bennett and Hector Fernandez

Laura Bennett and Hector Fernandez

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August 9, 2008 at 10:16 pm
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