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Last Long Run for Ironman Arizona

So yesterday was the last long run before I step to the line at Ironman Arizona. I will ride long on Saturday – probably four hours on the computrainer – and then I will move into the last but of what people like calling peaking, sharpening, tapering, etc. After the twenty eight and half hours from last week I will move down to about twenty two for this week, then probably around fifteen, and then its race week where it will be pretty toend down.

Ok so what was my last run like? Thirty degrees, starting around 4pm since I have a half day (bond markets close at 1pm every day before a holiday) and it was composed of running along the Mississippi and then taking the new trail from 28th street towards Minneapolis along Hiawatha Avenue.

30 minutes at 8:45s to warm up
30 minutes at 8:30s
30 minutes at 8:00s
30 minutes at 7:30s
15 minutes at 7:15s
15 minutes ez, cool down.
Total was 2.5 hours, right around 151 hr, 18.25 miles.

I can tend to get “jumpy” about running so I really have to set limiters on myself, specially since as the volume comes down and the taper sets in I will feel faster and stronger. I have to say that all those Wednesdays where I ran easy for 3.5 miles in the morning and the followed that up with a longer 15-16 mile hard run in the afternoon has made me stronger. I have run more often versus longer this year and on my few long runs I feel much stronger and my hear rate is confirming this. I know that at Ironman Wisconsin I was able to run the whole marathon above 160 so I am pretty excited to see what happens down in Arizona.

March 21, 2008 at 11:27 am
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